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Feed your baby as often Perhaps Before Departing Work Wednesday

Many ways that you can still breastfeeding although it should go back to work. (PHOTOS: PACIFIC MOTION BIRTH) - Challenges for mothers who are breastfeeding was when it was time to get back to work. However, there are tricks breastfeeding when returning to work.

"Saving" ASIP
The period of maternity leave is a good time to start "saving" ASIP (Mother's Milk Dairy). Therefore, in early lactation, usually the milk came out abundantly, while still a little baby needs. With stock ASIP enough, the mother will be more calm when I had to go back to work.

Keep in accordance
After milking, the milk store in accordance with the procedures correctly. Label the date and time of milking the plastic bottle or breastfeeding. If you want to use in less than 4 hours, ASIP can be stored at room temperature. Meanwhile, when will be used in more than 5 hours, store in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius (not to freeze).

If for stocks longer, ASIP should be stored in the freezer. Also make sure the babysitter at home already taught the procedures for granting the right ASIP.

Teed often as might
Before the mother go to work, feed the baby until full. Similarly, when I go home, before going to bed, and at night. Indeed, breastfeeding at night after work certainly exhausting. But think about that Little extremely waiting time with his mother. In fact, babies often sleep patterns are changing (more sleep during the day and more feeding at night) when the mother began to work during the day.

Enjoy feeding time at night is stroking tenderly Little. In addition to making milk production remains smooth, warm bonding makes babies remain familiar with her breasts exposed despite pacifier or a spoon in the daytime.

Starting Thursday
When going to work, prepare all the needs express milk at work during the night before. Breast pump, milk bottles, nursing cover, ice packs, as well as cooler bag, it must be ensured in pristine condition and ready to use.

If possible, ideally start work on Thursday. This allows the mother and the baby more easily customize a new rhythm, because on Saturday had to be together again. If necessary, perform the simulation long before the mother actually start working. This allows the infant and caregiver began to adapt to the pattern of ASIP.

Dairy in Office
Perahlah breastfeeding every 3-4 hours in order to continue terstimuli breast to produce milk with a smoothly. Indeed, in practice, working mothers often collided with the tight work schedule. However, do not wait until the breasts swell, yes.

As much as possible, take some time though only 10 minutes to pump breast milk. What is important is the frequency, not the length of time flushed. After that, do not forget to save ASIP properly in the refrigerator.

Keep Heart Condition
When flushed at the office, the mother must be in a comfortable and quiet. The more calm, milk production will be more smoothly. Ensure that all equipment has been sterilized and flushed do a light massage on the breast before milking.

assisted Courier
If the stock ASIP not enough, milk at work and then use a courier service ASI to take her to the house. Now, is not it, the more breast milk courier services available at affordable prices. Choose courier milk trustworthy. No harm in asking for a recommendation on breastfeeding community, family, or friends who have used his services.

Without Bottles on Weekends
The weekend is the time to maximize the time breastfeeding mothers Little. So, keep it all bottled milk, unless the mother wants to increase the stock of ASIP.

intake Nutritious
No doubt, one of the keys to success is to pay attention to breast feed intake of food and drink for the mother. With the intake of nutritious, good quality of the milk will be added. For example, green vegetables and nuts. Inadequate consumption of water also.

Environmental Support
Dividing time between taking care of a baby with a work is not easy. Moreover, if this be the first experience for nursing mothers. Therefore, nursing mothers need the support of those around him, either at home or in the office.

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